Welcome everyone!

Embrace Your Frizzique is an educational platform targeted at empowering people of colour across Australia, on the many ways that they can love, nurture and reconnect with their tresses. Founded in 2015 by Zarah Garbrah, with the mission to change and simplify the natural hair industry in Australia, by providing an accessible community to celebrate the gains and hardships. EYF runs various educational workshops, discussions and distributes a wide range of multimedia content, in which aims to engage and connect with people regardless of age or location.


I began my Natural hair journey in 2012, when I begun placing close attention to my dying hair strands. Piece by piece, my hair was asking for immediate help. Slowly but surely, I began to educate myself on what my hair was, why it was different to all my friends and how I could get it back to its natural state. I jumped online to source help and little did I know that there were hundreds of thousands of other women (black women) going through the same problem. And that is when and how my journey back to natural, started.

Through the years, I’ve cried, laughed, jumped for joy, lets just say its been a rollercoaster of self-discovery. Learning about my mixed race heritage, whilst growing up in Australia was a journey, that i’m still learning to put to words.

But it’s brought me to this point, the point of being to help people on similar journey’s understand that their uniquness should not be defined by one box. That beauty comes in all shades, sizes and forms and only YOU have the power to define what that is.

"Embrace Your Frizzique" is a movement and platform tailored to you that aims to educate, inspire and empower folks across the globe, on how you can learn to love your crown and yourself, to your fullest extent because “you are you, and that is your power”.