Welcome everyone!

Lets just say, I’m so excited to finally get this underway! From Instagram to Facebook, to YouTube and Snapchat, I thought I was missing the most important platform, an offical website! So welcome!

I mean who doesn’t love an interactive space where they can learn, empower and continue to embrace every aspect of themself? 

Hey beautiful folks, Zarah here. Its taken me a while to start this but lets just say, I am so excited to continue to share what I love most through a new platform.

I started my Natural hair journey in 2012 when I begun placing close attention to my dying hair strands. Piece after piece, my hair was literally asking for immediate help. Slowly but surely, I began to educate myself on what my hair was, why it was different to all my friends and how I get it to return to it's natural state. I jumped online to source help and little did I know that there were thousands of other people going through the same problem. And thats when I caught on the wave and begun my own natural hair journey.

Through the years, I’ve cried, laughed, jumped for joy lets just say its been a rollercoaster of self-discovery. Learning about my both my black and white culture, whilst growing up in Australia wasn't the easiest thing. Growing up I often felt torn between the two opposite worlds, but it wasn't until I learnt too fully embrace my whole self, flaws and all and appreciate the woman I am and the woman I am becoming.

"Embrace Your Frizzique" is a movement and platform tailored to you, that aims to educate, inspire and project how you can learn to love your crown and yourself, to your fullest extent because “you are you, and that is your power”.